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Classical Five Element Acupuncture applies an ancient science and wisdom to guide your whole being back into harmony with nature. When you allow your system to be touched at this level it not only empowers your body to regain its innate health but also allows the latent potentials for your life to unfold.

As your practitioner, I seek to establish a foundation of trust for the power of this system of medicine to promote the desired healing in your life.

"As an acupuncturist holding a needle, my challenge is to tune my heart and create the air of trust needed for you to be treated and helped to heal."

Chinese brush-paintings and calligraphy practice

About the Brush-Paintings on My Site

The Chinese brush-paintings and calligraphy on this website are all my own work. 

My teachers were Professor Lusheng Chong for calligraphy and Yuming Zhu for brush-painting. Studying these art forms I realized, what essential benefit they offered for developing the skill of sensitive acupuncture needling. Therefore, as director and professor at Wu Hsing Tao School for 20 years, I required this practice for all our acupuncture students as part of their curriculum.

“In Chinese brush-painting I experience the brush and ink letting the energy of my heart and my hand to become visible on paper, a perfect biofeedback for developing the way in which to handle an acupuncture needle: with intent, precision and determination, while remaining soft, gentle and caring”